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Aconcogua Summit! (Aconcagua)

Summit Date and time: January 11th 4:30PM

A long day. Left camp @ 7:00AM (late) summit 4:30PM back to 19,500 camp 8:00PM (13 hour day)

On the summit of Aconcogua! Spectacular Mountain. We had a small window to touch the top and we picked the perfect day
Dave Covill, my climbing partner for over 10 years, and Myself at the top of the Americas. A tough day for both of us but it was well worth the effort.

Eating dinner at 14000 feet with some of our new climbing buddies we met on the summit.

Back to civilization. Waiting for the rest of the team to come down off the mountain enjoying a long awaited beer(s)👌
This was coming down off the summit the next day. The weather was already changing
The first natural color I’d seen in 10 days.

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