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My Next Adventure (Aconcagua)

So I just arrived in Mendoza Argentina this afternoon. This is the staging area to begin my climb to the highest peak in the South American Continent. The Mountain is Aconcagua. This mountain towers over the Andes and rises up to 22,841 feet. It's not Everest but it's a tall one.

The mountain can take between two and three weeks to climb. High winds and cool temperatures are what turns just about half the climbers back without touching the summit. If I can successfully summit this, it will get me closer to my climbing goal to summit the "Seven Summits" The tallest peak in every continent. So far I have summited, what most say are, the two most difficult, of the seven, Denali and Everest. Aconcagua would be the 3rd most difficult.

If you have interest in following my climb you will find a link "LIVE FEED" on my website where you can track my progress up and down the mountain. Click on "Live Feed" at the top of the page.

I will also try and communicate with my followers through Facebook and my website blog. I do think communication may be limited due to limited or no Wi-Fi on the mountain. We'll see how it plays out.

If you'd like to be a part of my Facebook Group please email me (this email or the email link at the bottom of my website) we'll get you added.

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