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Sorry for the lack of communication (EVEREST)

Between local cell service and wifi it's been difficult to figure out the best way of communicating. Anyway I believe I'm 5 or 6 days into my trek to base camp. We took a hour helicopter ride from Kathmandu to a village called Lukla about 9300 feet. We immediately started hiking towards our first lodging spot. The lodging is pretty simple and food is always pretty much the same. Rice, potatos, curry type sauces (yuk) some yak meet (yuk) tuna. Anyway I have a pretty simple diet back home so you can imagine I'm having a hard time adjusting. They say base camp food is more "western oriented." Looking forward to that.

I'm writing you from Portse almost 13,000. The views are unbelievable. I hope to forward some along.

I'll keep in touch. Thanks for following.

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