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Once again a push for the summit! (EVEREST)

Looks like the jet stream that has been giving us wind trouble has moved to the side of Everest. We've decided to leave tomorrow (2:00AM) a day earlier so that would mean a 25th summit if it all goes according to plan. This is it. All the months of planning and training come down to the next 7-10 days. I'm very blessed to have this opportunity and all the support from Family (immediate and extended) and Friends. Also a special thanks to my sponsors and donors. The positive communication, words of wisdom, and prayers have been overwhelming. The next 7-10 days will probably be the most difficult days I will endure both physically and mentally so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

"Also a special thanks to my employer Beacon Roofing Supply, my sponsors and donors."so I'll be back in touch when I return to Base Camp.

Thank you. 

The last three clients. Kazu far left, Jeff Smith middle, and me on the right. 

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