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It's been awhile (EVEREST)

My last post was on the 10th. I have been communicating with several of you via email but the team has been in a holding pattern since the 10th. The good news is the weather has began to change for the better. There should be summit days beginning 21st through the end of month.There are still some high wind days but it looks like those winds will be decreasing between now and the end of month . Several teams have already headed up. With everyone waiting so long there is a mad push to summit. After much discussion we've decided to plan our summit day for the 26th. We're hoping that this date will be after the major crowds make their attempt. So working backwards we'd leave Base Camp on the 22nd to summit the 26th. None of this is set in stone. We're keeping a close eye on the weather. I will keep everyone posted as we get closer to leaving base camp. It's all coming to a head. Everyone has to make their moves between now and the end of month. They actually close the ice fall May 31st. I have faith that it will all work out and that we are making the right decision in waiting for the crowds to work their way through first. 

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