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Moving on to "Phase 4" a Push for the Summit (EVEREST)

This is it. What I've been waiting for this for years. After nearly a year of training, and preparation the time has come. The weather has cleared most of the fix ropes have been placed (a few more from camp 4 to summit need to be placed. The Sherpa are working on that now) the oxygen bottles are in place on the mountain. We're ready to go. Tomorrow morning May 6th at 2:00 AM we head back up to camp 2. The 7th is a rest day then we head to camp 3 on the 8th. We will begin using oxygen that night to help us sleep and the rest of the way up the mountain. The 9th about 8:00AM we head to camp 4. We will rest there until approximately 11:00PM where we will head for the summit. If all goes well we should be on the summit around 10:00AM on the 10th. There are many factors that can change dates and times but this is the plan. Coming down the mountain is much quicker but the most dangerous part of the whole climb. It's best to get to camp 2 after summit. It's very common to spend the night @ 3 but not recommended. If I can get to camp 2 on the 10th then it's possible to get to Base Camp the next day, the 11th. I will be out of Wifi range and out of touch until at least the 11th. There is one way to track my progress is through the "live feed" on my website that tracks my climb through a GPS device I carry on my backpack. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers through this time. Thanks for following along. 

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