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Moving on to "Phase 3" (EVEREST)

Phase 3 of 4 . This is where the real work begins. Today is Friday the 21st. Tomorrow at 2:00 AM we set off for camp 2. This is the climb through the Khumbu Ice Falls. There is a Camp 1 at the top of the falls but it's only there in emergency if you can't make it to camp 2. Camp 1 is susceptible to avalanches. We will be gone from Base Camp for 6 days. I didn't really explain the phases. Phase 1: getting to base camp. Phase 2: getting to top of Lobeche. Phase 3: camp 2, spend the night, half way to camp 3 back to camp 2 spend the night, camp 3 spend the night, back to camp 2, spend the night, back to Base Camp, rest get strong for phase 4. Phase 4: Push for summit through camp 4. More details to follow on phase 4. I'm feeling strong and ready for the challenges ahead. The team, guides and Sherpa are all really strong. Our Leader Russell Brice is really pleased with everyone involved in this expedition. Since we're real strong we've been pushing our progress ahead of schedule. We've been on the heels of the Sherpa who are setting up fixed ropes, ladders, camps, getting food, oxygen up the mountain for us. I'll get back in touch once I'm back to Base Camp in about 6 days. Thanks for following along. 

Me with White helmet. Climbing partner Jeff Smith a few steps ahead. 

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