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This was an climb to help us acclimatize (EVEREST)

Mt. Lobeche is about 20,200 ft.

. We climbed half way up at "rock camp" and spent the night. This was Friday the 14th (Good Friday) ; overnight it snowed about a foot and the winds started picking up. We went back down to Lobeche base camp Saturday and waited it out. The winds were constant (roughly 100mph) on Easter Sunday where we stayed in our tents most the day. Monday the winds subsided so we left camp at 5:00 AM. We climbed right through Rock Camp heading for the summit. Got to the summit at noon. Tough climb. Winds were still gusting but we were successful. To put things in perspective Lobeche is about 100 ft lower than the the tallest peak in North America (Denali.) I don't believe near as difficult. But Everest is another 9,000 feet above Lobeche. Today is Tuesday and I just arrived back to Base Camp. Feeling much stronger because my body is getting used to this elevation. Where it took about 6 hours last Trek from Lobeche, today it took about 4. Still a long hike after our summit yesterday. We'll take a couple rest days where we will begin training walking on extension ladders with our boots and crampons. After our rest days we will begin our climb on Everest through the Khumbu ice falls. If you don't know what that is I would welcome you to Google it and click images. Communication will be better now that I'm back at Base Camp. If you are seeing this on Facebook I welcome you to go to Also on the website there is a "live feed" that is a GPS device on my Backpack that tracks my footsteps. Thanks for following along.

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